Tye Dyed Monkey is in the makings of becoming an extensive collection of small games, tedious tasks, and monotonous activities. Users will be able to create a profile with an abundant range of possibilities to customize a representative character, or 'Avatar'. Avatars can interact with friends and participate in daily activities; all the while building their status, their closet, and their bank.

Currently Completed:

Providing an enticing interface with simple and easy navigation, this site is comprised of a tableless CSS structure, utilizing div tags. Drop down menus are dynamically populated from a database, with place holder items, to allow easy additions to menu content.

A search feature is available which activates search results comprised of keywords found in drop down menu content.

---Start New Account
Users can choose an avatar and a favorite color out of database populated drop down menus. PHP populated birthday menus concatenate the values for database storage into one table column. The registration form checks to make sure certain fields are entered and entered properly. The form also checks to make sure the username has not already been taken by another user.

Login checks correct password for user and redirects to the Monkey House which restricts access from non-logged in users. Logged in users are provided with a panel depicting their account information pulled from the database pertaining to that username. Username is stored as a session variable allowing the user to stay logged in while navigating the site. Logged in users will also be able to see their username and corresponding Avatar displayed in the pinwheel that is built into the interface.
Test Logins:
SN: test   PW: test
SN: bla    PW: bla

--- Bank
The bank gives users the option to store their money. They can endlessly deposit and withdrawal money from the bank, simultaneously updating the difference in their 'Pocket Change'. Storing money in the bank gives the user the option of collecting interest. Interest must be collected daily and can only be collected once every 24 hours.

---Collect Interest
To collect interest, users must login, go to the bank, and click on the 'Collect Today's Interest' button which calculates their current bank holdings with the current interest percentage rate and updates the database with the total figure. Users are redirected to an update page detailing their new account balance. Redirection also triggers a variable to restrict the user from 'recollecting' their interest for 24 hours. A timer, down to the second, is provided each for when interest was last collected and when interest can be collected again.

---Update Profile
Updating the user's profile is simplistic. User's information is pre-inserted into text fields and pre-selected in drop down menus, allowing users to update only one or all fields at once.

---User Info
The user information column is on the left hand side under the pinwheel. This column is only viewable if logged in. If the user is not logged in, a login box is present instead. Also, the user's Avatar, displayed inside of the pinwheel, is only viewable if logged in. User Information displays basic user information, as well as, Start Date and Birthday timestamps written out in a Month, Day, Year style.

---Game Connections
If the user is logged in and they play a game, the game score will be added to the total amount of the user's Pocket Change. If the user beats out their competitors and has one of the highest scores, his or her username will be added to the high scores table for that game.

Currently In Production:
Building Game Content